Contemporary social research for a sustainable future


My research crosses community knowledge, policy and practice in social and environmental challenges. Contexts include: environmental management, agriculture, Australian bushfire, community resilience, social memory, the transformation of rural landscapes.

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Working with stakeholders across policy and practice


Sustainability challenges are interdisciplinary. In the different studies that I am involved with, I collaborate with stakeholders from local communities, environmental management agencies, local, state and federal government.   


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Sharing knowledge and conversations with the public and academy


In 2019, I am privileged to be coordinating two subjects at the University of Melbourne

Sustainable Landscapes (ENST90043) - A Masters level course in which students explore the world through social ecological systems thinking and social theory, drawing on a diverse array of guest lectures who enhance the base lecturing. The Ovens, in North East Victoria, Australia centres as the case study landscape for the subject.

Reshaping Environments (ENVS10002) - An undergraduate level course that allows students to learn about complex social ecological challenges.

I am passionate about exchanging knowledge with and learning from members of the public, community organisations and students. I regularly give public guest lectures on my work and teach into post-graduate and undergraduate courses at the University of Melbourne. 

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Publications across the interdisciplinary environmental social sciences


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